We have a comprehensive range of horticultural and agricultural equipment for all needs. From harvest trolleys and shredder bins to flowerpot forks. Explore the various application areas and the products that can be used for them or contact Hortiworld.

Harvest trolleys

products Hortiworld Harvest trolleys

  • tailor made for competitive prices
  • unique hygienic design for red fruit application
  • aluminum harvest table
  • premium brand wheels


Greenhouse glass washer

Hortiworld Greenhouse glass washer

  • fully electric – hydraulically operated
  • 60 bar water pressure ensures cleaning without chemicals
  • 2 sides hydraulically adjustable head
  • waving spaying head

Water tank flowers

Water tank flowers

  • Special stainless steel water tank for watering flowers which are attached to the lampposts in cities

Shredder bin for amaryllis leafs

products Hortiworld Shredder bin for Amaryllis leafs

Flowerpot fork

products Hortiworld Flowerpot fork

Protective caps

products Hortiworld Protective caps

Transport trolleys for flowers

Transport trolleys for flowers

Also available

  • Car for selecting strawberries