Projects & Innovation

Hortiworld has built a solid reputation among customers worldwide because it feels strongly about innovation, flexibility and service. We are able to design, produce and sell horticulture machinery and crop clean out equipment that meets our customers’ wishes and demands. Our customers are the driving force behind our improvements and our increasing product portfolio.

Hortiworld designs and delivers top-quality horticultural concepts and projects, tailor made to your facility and needs. And with the use of battery technology, the latest software, logistics solutions and lean technology we ensure that your company will operate in the safest, most modern and sustainable way possible.

innovation Hortiworld

The Hortiworld team does not accept anything less than perfection. That is why our production line is developed and produced in-house, assuring that it complies with the highest requirements and standards because having the best machinery is vital. Our motivation is to constantly improve our equipment, look for better solutions and customize where needed to ensure that we deliver the best option for any project.